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«: We need not go on to enumerate the, manybad things that Millard Fillmore has not done.

Tbe President holds powers that in vicious orincompetent hands may be alwavs used to theis responsibilityte of bismade fromthereforen the Star State Patriot, at Marshall, [jirellingwith his neighbor of the Re-end like a man jult waked up Tron".

I practical prin-entire mechanical cteptfrtrfutttf One well qualified,' ^nay rely on goo¿Pwagpeaceful manner. This heavoided doing by keeping his oath to abide in alt He has not involved the country in war to ac-quire territory, by overstepping the libiits of thepowers confided to Him,a and by these mftÁnsbringing iu an element of discord into our peace- U* baiter and the reincounsels that has already sha-ken our country in all points of the compass*and which may yet cause it to separate into frag-ment*.

All irregularitiesin her weeks eseept to© genial ano cxpecttki revturn of the seasonsj the rains, sunshine and dews,: too, that the ark of our covenant is safe, and wehave bul a Tendency to interrupt the prescribedorder of her Worfrs, and to result in injury in-stead of frnitfulness.r -So much for the general argument.

It was Leónidas, that went out to biaye themyriads of Persia, and return alone in triumph,or on his. It was Curtius, in full armor,who plunged with his foaming war-horse, intothe yawning abyss to make Rome an eternalcity, Deckis devoted his bosom to the enemy'slance, to grasp the falling ensign of his coun-try's renown.

The Patriarch of old, asnasignof devotion, to a higher behest, offered up hisonly son.

astate to consciousness, and recollectingfirst time, probably For many months;actually isa Whig, bursts out in a„ strainof* extravagant joy, at finding a proposition Onfoot to organize his party and put on the armorfor combat."—Su¿e Gazette^We had almost forgot we were a Whig, andiionthj ,^ but why I Did the Gazette pauseto consider, e'er it penned its taunt, the cause ofour seeming forge'tfullness 1 If not, let£ remindit, that not " many months" ago, the bright andglorious átandurd of our country ; the Flag ofthe Unioi^'" like a rent ami tattered signal ofdisjiress, was drooping and flapping in palsiedfeebleness, over tlrt¡ oncé proud- "land qf the¿free and borne of the brave." The chaste andbeautiful stars, that sparbíed and glittered soca Unly blight in our national galaxy ; those se-rene emblems of freedom and etirnal truth, werelike the lost Pleiad, one Jy 'one shrinking andmelting in meek-eyed pify away.

The richand gorgeous tints of the rainbow, the ensign o*hope, that sm Hed and bcekoned us cheeringlyon, were fading in darkness and sorrow awjy" The Star Spangled Banner" was trailing athalf-mast; while the crimson banner of Mars,was unfolding to the storm, and all but ready toflap its dark and gory mantle amiti the drivingtempest of civil war.

In the "Mare's Nest" will most probably behatched a regular snag defying, and beautifulwave idling swan, ycloped an Insurance office. We have not room for theinsertion of the whole of this excellentletter." Never was there so general a sentiment infavor of the election of any manto a politicaloffice as that of the southern whigs for Mr,.""more.All thesepoint to a termination, sooner or later on the Pacific shore.It is for these reasons we saythat we are bound to have a Railroad extendingwestwards The project is popular, and the Le-gislature, as is well kfi'own, has appropriatedlanrl for the purpose. Representatives in Congress,have not taken more interest in this great work.Our forefathers devoted their fortunestheir lives, and their sacrod honors, for theircountry^s good.So in like manner, we in common with thousands of our countrymen, quit for a time the reguiar ranks, and went out, as volunteers itra forlorn hope, to battle for the Union. There is nothing depending on the contingen-ciesof the.future more certain than the fact thatwe are bound to have a railroad extending indefi-nitely westward and finally to communicatewith the shores of the Pacific.

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