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I can do a simple video verification for extra which will show me wearing the garments, removing them & sealing them up. First class shipping within the US is .00 Priority (1-3 business days guaranteed and tracking provided) .00.

For international shipments, first class to all countries .00.

Logging into a session with multiple users, all wired up and enjoying the pleasures coursing through our stiff cocks, together and getting off on the shared experience is a total mind blowing activity.

That day, there were 3 other guys in various parts of the world, all sharing their horniness, their need, OUR need to feel these sensations moving up and down our erect, throbbing penises.

One of the other guys had his cock bobbing up and down, obviously very, very aroused, and as he chanted 'oh god!

" with each movement, I could tell what he was feeling exactly, because his cock was wired up like mine, a bi-polar electrode wrapped around his ball sack, and the matching one up on his cock, tucked under at the ends under his cock head, wires hanging down, as his erection throbbed and ebbed in motion to the stimulation. The young milf on the screen was full spread open, with her cunt dripping grool all over her towel, her meaty cunt lips swollen and inviting.

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Her moans increased, and she was rocking her hips in a very sexy movement, instinctive, involuntary, and giving herself over to her pleasures, as we all on Skype were doing.Looking at the Skype screen, I could see the other cocks, stiff and hard, one with cum drooling from the tip, making a string as it slowly dripped onto his balls, the twitching of his virtual stroke clearly milking him.He had a metal ring electrode around the head of his straining dick, a rubber one on his mid shaft and one wrapped around under his balls and lower shaft.We all had our mics on so we could here and speak to each other.He was moaning in constant rhythm, matching the spasms of his swollen dick.

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