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But the Chaldeans did not exist as a tribe at the time of Abraham; they rose to power much later, in the 1st millennium B. 5) One passage in Genesis 33 has Jacob legally purchasing the location of Shechem for the capital of the northern kingdom of Israel.Genesis 34 has Jacob's sons killing all of the men of Shechem by a deceitful trick.There is no information available, as to how differing versions between individuals and tribes were resolved. 1) One passage describes a sequence of events; a later passage states that they happened in a different order.Although opinions as to when this occurred differ, scholars find 282 B. Presumably Moses would have remembered the proper sequence.

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That appears to have been written by a writer who composed the passages at a much later date.The duration of the rain differs between two verses.3) Genesis describes Abraham as living in the city Ur, and identifies that location with the Chaldeans. It is difficult to attribute the description of a funeral to the deceased.The earliest, and best known source for the story of the Septuagint, is the (see below), a lengthy document that recalls how the Ptolemy’s – the Greek family that Alexander the Great set up to rule Egypt for him – specifically Philadelphus II (285–247 B.C.), who desiring to augment his library in Alexandria Egypt, commissioned a translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek.

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