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In nearly every episode of the series, Doofenshmirtz has an evil scheme or invention that he explains about through the means of a "back story" from his youth.Throughout the series, the back stories explore his mentally abusive and shunned childhood growing up in the fictional village Gimmelshtump, Druelselstein.His record in romance was equally dismal and almost always ended up with him being broken-hearted.Because of his dismay, he built a robot to destroy love, which landed in the hands of Phineas and Ferb (“What Do It Do? Somehow he managed to woo and win the hand of Charlene and had one daughter with her before it fell apart and they divorced eventually.

He describes the voice he uses as "vaguely Eastern European" and is one he used at fifteen years old when having pillow fights and such with his five-year-old sister.They used a platypus secret agent to do so due to the animal's interesting appearance and wanted to have a continuous nemesis for him that the viewers could get to know. Meddleshmirtz;" Meddleshmirtz was a prototype for Doofenshmirtz and carried a majority of his traits.His name eventually was changed to "Doofenshmirtz." Every main character in the series was designed to incorporate geometric shapes in reminiscence of Tex Avery's graphic style from his Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies as well as the cartoons he worked on at MGM cartoons; Doofenshmirtz himself appearing to use that of an oval.Eventually retires and goes bowling once a week with Perry.(series)Gets tied up and gets his memory erased (Movie) He is a 47-year-old mad scientist hailing from the village of Gimmelshtump, in the country of Drusselstein (may be a fictional Germany).

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