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Tony was a guest several times on the program, and many of his interviews tie in themes from his Classic Sermons including ‘The Kingdom is a Party.’ Tony has been a guest speaker at many events and on many programs.

Visit the Other Media page to listen to speeches, interviews and lectures, or to watch videos of guest appearances and other media in which Tony has taken part, including two visits to The Colbert Report.

“Maybe a pretty girl will slide in my DMs sometime! Watch the video above for more on Marroquin’s dating life!

[Verse 1] Here to tell you the truth, tell you I'm nervous Tell you my story, tell you I'm worth it Tell you my flaws and my faults and my doubts Give you my heart and what's left of it now Tell you my hurt, tell you my pain Tell you the thoughts I keep trapped in my brain Tell you that nothing's the same Tell you I'm nothing much more than a man And tell you, I fear I may never find love Tell you I'm gettin' in touch with above And right now, can't deny that I'm scared, all this music I wrote won't compare or warrant the buzz Alone in my room, dissectin' each line that I rhyme I don't know how I finished on time Missed the drop date three times, I know that I let you all down Well, I was the first in that line, so Sever my soul from my body, engulf it in music, then give you something to relate This is somewhere to go when your heart becomes cold and your friends become fake As you stand on the edge of the world, you feel like you're destined to break And your grandma is screaming, "you're worthless," and calling you names to your face Mom and I had to move to a place, second time that I'll rhyme to paint this picture And I can't deny, I would hide in my room and would cry from dealing with ya Pictures so vivid, you yell in the kitchen I'm takin' my boxes, I've made a decision I'm done with your dissin', your father there fixin' I tried to be nice, but you just wouldn't listen I couldn't wait for the day, just to give you my take on the shit that you did Silly old bitch, never be like you, never be so rude I hope, I wish alone and sick, you sit, but this is where we end it It's crazy to me how the truth is often most offensive, battle tested Learned my lesson to forgive, but not forget, I spilled my heart Opened my chest, irrelevant, you are to me, but part to me Honestly, thought I should address, life often makes this mess I've come to give you more while everybody gives you less [Verse 2] Yeah, and lookin' back on it all was a lie At your friend's house and there's no other guys Surprise, and look who you're with I'm not tryin' to diss, I'm just tellin' you this That your feelings may fade, but your memories stick Hope you're happy with him I honestly hope you're happy with him And he does all the things that I would and I tried But I couldn't could keep going on, but I know that I shouldn't I shouldn't waste any more time Shouldn't waste any more lines when you're drunk off the wine Do you find me crossin' your mind?

While this is the first time Marroquin has declared them official, the pair has been hinting that a relationship was brewing between them on social media in several Instagram posts and tweets.

De Jesus shared a cheeky post on Instagram Sunday of her and Marroquin and captioned the image, “Daddy Javi 😜.”She followed it up a day later with a photo of them together: “Daddy Javi p2.”Marroquin also shared two photos of the pair on Instagram.“Views 👨🏽👸🏽🌆,” he captioned a photo of duo standing side-by-side in front of a city skyline.“I have a 6 pack from laughing so hard these last couple of days #IMY#SCORPION #BAE#CHICKENFINGERS&BBQ #GAPING#BOUJEE #YOUCHANGEDINLA#PLAYTHATCARDIIIIB,” he wrote in a second post.

I want to hang out, yet you're shutting me out And you put in no effort at all Now you got me confused like, "what did I do?At that time they claimed that change was possible - that you could actually change from unwanted same-sex desires to ...something close to heterosexual.The history of Exodus is fraught with re-defining their claims and expectations, and fuel has been added by many who really, really wish that someone, anyone really could change.The past few years have been a growing experience for me, and I feel I have changed.The greatest factor in my life-changes is that I was married to a gay man.

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