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The second online version was published in April 2011.The 2013 edition of WALS corrects a number of coding errors especially in Chapters 1 and 3. Starting with this edition of WALS, there will not be specific editions every two or three years, but we will be updating it whenever corrections or additions are made.Art EZ uses cookies to keep track of which pages have been visited. The information is not traceable to a person and is not given or sold to third parties.If desired, you may disable cookies in your browser settings.& Haspelmath, Martin 2013), unless you are citing data from more than 25 chapters simultaneously.We recommend that you cite The World Atlas of Language Structures was published as a book with a CD-ROM in summer 2005.

WALS Online is a publication of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.Since its founding shortly after 9/11, Operation Homefront has served tens of thousands of military families across the country.The organization provides valuable programs addressing short-term and long-term stability.Much care has been devoted to the composition of our website and publications.Nevertheless, it is possible that the content may be incomplete or inaccurate or may change without prior notice.

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