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Although their mothers love ‘em, we do believe they become better looking donning a pair of Fuse Lenses.Who doesn’t want an exciting, mysterious man (or woman) to come in and sweep them off their feet? Being that humans take many social clues from the eyes, eye contact leads to many connections or assumptions.: D : D : D : D Diba delikado ang increase ng ampere sa fuse?

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Palit ka lang ng fuse (of the same amperage) --Hope this helps. Originally posted by tmthy anthony_bud, di mo na kelangan balibag cub bago umalarm, anti-theft yun, yun sakin makanti mo lang yung gulong alarm na, madiinin mo yung upuan-alarm na, and kung na ARM yung alarm and may kumuha nang susi w/o DISARMING, mag-aalarm na siya.

By wearing sunglasses you are hiding those asymmetrical oddities.

Your face becomes more balanced and your bone structure is enhanced. Just take a look at the pictures of our willing victims…I mean models.

This could give you the confidence you need to land the girl (or guy) that you typically wouldn’t impress.

Sunglasses have an inherent “cool factor” that they may never shake.

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